People today and specially youth knows very well what is wrong around us and who is the reason for it. The motive behind this film is to make people connect with the characters of this movie and learn what is wrong with this world now and how we can do our bit to bring a positive change in our society.

Directed By
Nitish Rai


This story is about a child who is born in a very poor family. After four children, his father Narayan does not want a fifth child, but his mother (Leela) had full faith in Lord Rama and that prophecy. Auspicious signs begin as soon as the child is born. NARAYAN got money and a good job. He was on cloud nine and the entire village can feel the influence of this boy. NARAYAN named his fifth child Lucky Sinha.

Lucky went to gurukul for his education where he gets to learn about physical, spiritual, and computer education other than bookish knowledge. His mentor advises him to identify the evils of society and try to remove it with his intellect and wisdom.

Ramarajya the Kingdom of God on earth. I do not know it will be like in Heaven. I have no desire to know the distant scene. If the present is attractive enough, the future cannot be very unlike.

Mahatma Gandhi
Father Of The Nation

Why RamRajya2r ?

The very first problem he finds in the office of circle officer. C.O Dayanand asked some villagers amount of Rs. 10,000 in exchange for their property papers. Lucky managed to solve this problem with his prudence and also changed the thinking perspective of C.O Dayanand.

The second problem belongs to ABRAR who is in extreme trouble after Mahendra Medical colleges shut down. He tried to kill himself but got saved by god’s grace. Lucky encourages ABRAR to build his future and get going. Sapna who constantly supports Lucky is depressed with her sister’s demise, Lucky stands with her in this unfortunate situation.

Ramrajya can be ushered only when there is ‘Gramrajya’. For this to be achieved, everybody from Parliament to Panchayat has to work with single-minded devotion towards building a New India.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
Honble President of India

RamRajya 2R is an inspirational story about how one can change the wrong perspective of the society.

Prabir Sinha

Youth will definitely feel a connect with the movie as this generation demands fellowship.

Written by
Shivanand Sinha


Lucky with his wisdom and strength was able to dig up the roots of all these problems and revealed the truth in front of people. He also encouraged the people to follow the ideals of Lord Shri Ram. He also advocated bringing RamRajya in the country. A country that stands up with all the religion and all people are living together with trust.

RamRajya was an ideal system. The attraction of Lord Rama and Ram Rajya inspires the great personalities of our country.

Narendra Modi
Honble Prime Minister


Looking for solutions to these problems, many new problems are born. All the problems are linked with the MP Mr. Manish Shukla. There is a lot of disturbance in the city. Riots are happening everywhere and many people are dying. When Lucky, ABRAR, and Sapna tried to find out the pieces of evidence associated with the problems, MP gets furious and his men starting creating the problems in the city. These problems were successful in diverting the mind of the public from the actual issue and they can earn their political money.

“Ram Rajya’ should be established in the country.Leaders must work for the betterment of the society and on preserving the environment.”

Mohan Bhagwat RSS
President Of RSS